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The improvement of business skills is a crucial factor in the development of small and medium enterprises. Our promotion strategy in this area is based on the following discrete but interlinked activities:

I. Business Skills Training.

Our training department runs a wide number of business skills courses for both budding entrepreneurs and existing businessmen.
The basic Training Modules the UBSC proposes, include:

Module 1. Introduction to Business
Module 2. Basics of small business management
Module 3. Marketing
Module 4. Sales Techniques
Module 5. Legal aspects of entrepreneurship
Module 6. Financial Planning and Taxation
Module 7. Foreign economic relations
Module 8. Business planning as key element in business management
Module 9. Business Plan Development
Module 10. Practical exercises
Module 11. IT training

II. BAS and Consulting

Our professional consultants provide a whole range of services for existing businesses and have national and international market information at their disposal to assist in a large variety of business-related problems.
Business Advisory Services currently offered include:

• Business Planning
• Human Resource Management
• Market Research and Feasibility Studies
• Market Planning and Strategy
• Financial Planning
• Business Restructuring
• Business valuation
• Enterprise Diagnostics and other.