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Using Business Upgrading Programme, the UBSC provides business development support to SMEs. The Business Upgrading/Development Programme focuses the following distinct though interlinked phases:

  • Diagnostic Analysis using a standard Diagnostic Profile
  • The development of a customer-tailored Business Upgrading Action Plan
  • Implementation of the Business Upgrading Action Plan
  • The follow-up through the tailored UBSC’s business advisory services.

The objective of the proposed BUDP focuses a detailed integrated Business/Financial Planning or a Marketing Strategy of the enterprise, aimed to optimisation of expenses and consolidation of resources to achieve expected results in the shortest possible time period.

For this purpose, the UBSC elaborates a Specific Business Development Action Plan which guides the enterprise throughout the planned period. Moreover, the BUDP may identify the need to re-organise or restructure the enterprise and propose the scheme to do that.

This BUDP Programme has been successfully implemented by the UBSC in partnership with EU experts on the major local food-processing companies (Rozmiar and Agrosfera) and it was anticipated that many more will follow.
In 2005, the beneficiaries of the UBSC’s BUDP programme were Ceramica-Ungheni and Bashtina-Prut