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Agricultural Wholesale Market Information System

The UBSC has successfully designed and implemented the AWMIS Informational Database that covers the following key elements:

1. Information on Agricultural Producers (raw materials and agri-products’ supply)

2. Information on Agricultural Product Buyers (processors and traders)

3. Information on Agricultural Service Providers (transport, packaging, input suppliers)

4. Information on Agricultural BDS Providers (AgroInform Centres, Uncalnis, Agro Shops, Ungheni CCI, Ungheni Agricultural Directorate)

5. General Agricultural Information consisting of:
a. Market Info (trends, forecasts, Studies)
b. Economic and commercial legislation (laws and regulations)
c. Export Procedures (documentation, export procedures, regulatory state bodies, customs procedures)
d. Investment and Credit Programmes (based on information collected by MEPO in the framework of Inventory of Local Financing Tools’ Subcontract)

6. Information on Iasi-based potential business contacts (producers, buyers, traders)

7. Establishment of the appropriate AWMIS Information Dissemination Tools (Mailing Database, Newsletter, standard UBSC response sheets used to effectively disseminate the information included in the AWMIS System;

Note: The UBSC calls the business community of Moldova to include their offers and requests in the AWMIS system.

Contents of activities implemented to date:

1. UBSC’s monthly publication "Buletinul Agricol"
2. Virtual Farmers’ Days
3. AWMIS database
4. The booklet “Farmer’s Guide