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The staff of the UBSC was selected among the best specialists available in Ungheni, complementarily trained by the German and British experts within the framework of the EU/Tacis CBC Project, in various/appropriate fields of expertise

Mr. Serghei Cladco
Business Support Centre Director

The UBSC Director, Mr. Serghei Cladco, is a well-respected member of the local community having been at different intervals in his past career the Prefect of Ungheni Region and the President of the Ungheni Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Cladco combines a good understanding of private sector development and is one of those exclusive individuals who are able to match public and private sector requirements and expectations. In addition to his overall management skills he is an expert in cross-border cooperation and has developed an extensive network of professional and personal contacts in Romania, CIS and Western Europe. He is also an expert in regulatory reform and has been closely working together with SME Policy Reform Experts of the European Union in streamlining the bureaucratic procedures and guidelines affecting private businesses in Ungheni. Languages: Romanian, Russian

Mr. Veaceslav Caducenco
Business Consultant specialist

Within the UBSC, Mr. Veaceslav Caducenco, acts as the Business Consultant specialized in marketing issues and the development of customer-tailored marketing strategies. His professional career has been varied and, among others, included as position as the Head of the Marketing Department within Ungheni Carpet Factory and the Head of the Technical Certification Department within the Ungheni Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition to the light industry, his sector experience also covers food-processing, wholesale/retail trade and construction materials. As marketing is a key element of most of the services/programs rendered by the UBSC, Mr.Caducenco is involved in all aspects of the UBSC services rendered, especially the Business Development Program and the management of the Business Incubator. Languages: Romanian, Russian, English (satisfactory)

Mr. Vladimir Zavedia
Financial Consultant
The UBSC Financial/Business Planning Consultant, Mr. Vladimir Zavedia, has a proven track record in financial planning, financial analysis and business planning (Ungheni Free Economic Zone’s Business Plan, a range of large food-processing factories). In this capacity he has made numerous investment plans that have successfully been submitted to local Financing Institutions for funding. His sector experience in this area covers a wide range of service and industrial fields, at the forefront, food-processing, construction and retail trade. Within the UBSC Mr. Zavedia is the key expert for managing the Center’s Business Development Program. Currently he’s a part-time trainer within the framework of IREX Project training program in Ungheni. Languages - Romanian, Russian.

Ms. Adela Enache
B usiness Training Consultant

Ms. Adela Enache is the key business training consultant within UBSC. Her track record in this field does not only cover the business skills training courses currently delivered by the UBSC but other donor projects as well. As such, previously she has been the key trainer for an USAID-funded agricultural sector development program in Ungheni and she has designed a number of courses for locally-funded governmental business development programs. Ms. Enache has successfully delivered business start-up and business idea generation training courses for would-be entrepreneurs in Ungheni and has also provided a wide range of management skills training courses (marketing, business analysis, access to external sources of funding,…) to existing entrepreneurs. Ms. Enache adapts her didactic materials to the needs of each specific training target group and is, as such, able to address specific local community groups at risk such as would-be women entrepreneurs. She is currently developing a series of specific training courses for job seekers including a training course on recruitment and a training course dealing with job interview presentation skills. Currently she’s a part-time trainer within the framework of IREX Project training program in Ungheni. Now, Adela is accomplishing the 2nd higher education at the Academy of Economic Sciences. Languages - Romanian, Russian, English (satisfactory)  

Mr. Dorin Budeanu
IT Expert
Within the UBSC, Mr. Dorin Budeanu is the key expert in Information Systems Management with excellent IT and database management skills. His track-record includes provision of expertise in agricultural information systems and ecological farming. His professional experience in this field is wide-ranging and includes the Web designs, organization of individual agricultural trade fairs, the development of IT-based agricultural information databases and the publication of agricultural information bulletins. He has also closely worked together with foreign experts in designing and implementing targeted ecological farming promotion activities. He is responsible for the UBSC’s Computer Centre operation and relevant services. Recently, he has graduated the post-university education in Intellectual Property Management. Languages - Romanian, Russian.

Mr. Cristian Jardan
PR Manager
Mr. Cristian Jardan, the UBSC’s PR Manager, who has received a sound field education in Romania and has a broad experience in public and marketing areas, is currently involved in representative activities of IREX project in the region and has been assigned with the PR responsibilities with the EU/IBPP project. Languages - Romanian, Russian, English (fluent).

Mr. Vitalie Dobos
Business Counselling Expert
As a trainer/consultant, Mr. Vitalie Dobos provided an extensive added value to the elaboration and adaptation of various training programs for the would-be entrepreneurs. As such, he has been the key trainer/ consultant for an USAID-funded private sector development program in Ungheni, which aimed at promoting self-employment and business generation. Recently, Mr. Dobos has significantly contributed to the elaboration of the Ungheni Free Economic Zone Guide and is currently successfully delivering interlinked services to start-up entrepreneurs. Languages - Romanian, Russian.

Ms. Valentina Stratulat
Chief Accountant
As the accountant of UBSC and Enterprise House, Ms. Valentina Stratulat not only manages the reporting systems but has also developed a training course on accounting standards and systems for BI tenants, start-up SMEs and local accountants. Ms. Stratulat is widely recognized as an expert on accounting procedures having been the Head of the Ungheni Regional Accounting department within the Prefecture.

Ms. Dana Tsugulea
Office Manager
As the Office Manager of our organization, Ms. Dana Tsugulea is responsible for all communication and filing systems and client record procedures within the UBSC. Ms.Tsugulea also provides payable language training courses on an ad-hoc basis. Currently, she’s accomplishing the 2nd higher education at the Academy of Economic Sciences. Languages - Romanian, Russian, German (fluent), English (fluent).