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Guide of the Free Economic Zone Resident "Ungheni - Business"

Who we are ?

The Ungheni Business Support Centre (UBSC) is a Non-Governmental, non-for profit organisation with a dynamic team dedicated to the emerging business community, supporting the growth of the private enterprise sector, stimulating economic reform, and providing professional services to both new and existing businesses. Ungheni Business Support Centre has been created with the assistance of the EU/Tacis Cross Border Cooperation Project, Republic of Moldova

We believe that motivating the creation of small and medium size enterprises contributes substantially to main aspects of socio-economic development - job creation, social welfare, income generation, improved life conditions, and economic growth.

Competitive small and medium enterprises are one of the primary engines for long-term economic development in Moldova, as well as an important source of innovation. Their development depends on several factors: widespread adoption of modern business skills and practices, friendly business environment, positive legal and regulatory environment, access to information and increased networking.

What do we do?

The main goal of the UBSC is to become a reliable, professional business development agency in Ungheni region through the provision of a wide range of business support services, information and training to the business community.

The main objectives include:

To contribute to business creation and employment generation development links with the Business Community, Local Public Administrations, Business Service Providers and relevant stakeholders in Ungheni region.

To operate the Ungheni Business Incubator and provide support to its tenants - business start-ups and young enterprises.

To promote and support the idea of self-employment amongst the students of vocational training centers/lyceums and effectively assist the creation of new businesses.

To promote Cross-Border Cooperation, trade and investment links between Ungheni/Moldova and Iashi/Romania companies.

To act as catalyser in promoting a more business-friendly environment through policy advice to Local Public Authorities and business community.



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Providing a large range of advisory services within the framework of a friendly environment, UBSC becomes the ideal companion for young enterprises.